22 Luglio 2009

El quel dela quela: El repertorio intiero dela clanfa

El quel dela quela esci in edizione speziale per presentarve una chicca previously anunciada: una recente publicazione de Monon Behavior de tre esimi e chiarissimi ricercatori che ga clasificado, dopo estenuanti fatiche, el repertorio clanfistico triestino. I tre esimi xe Diego Manna, che xe Quel che scrivi monade qua, Andrea Pecile, che xe Quel che oltre a vanzar sempre fortissimo e sereno zoga a basket, e Mauro Vascotto, che xe Quel che ga ideado l’Olimpiade dele clanfe, entrada ormai nel’olimpo dele manifestazioni sportive triestine, formando un potentissimo trittico con Barcolana e Bavisela.
Bon, qua el xe, in esclusiva per Bora.la:
Se volè scareegar el pdf impaginado tuto bel, andè qua e struchè sul mulo superman. Se qualchidun lo conosi, che el ne meti in contato che volemo farghe i complimenti.

The entire Clanfa repertoire: a deep characterization of a triestin endemism


1 Monon Behavior research department.

2 Dipartimento sereno dei vanzadori.

3 Associazion of promozion social SPIZ.

*scoresponding author: mononbehavior@yahoo.it


Our research deeply analyses the triestin endemism of the clanfa, a behavior used by mulones to produce the biggest schizz. We describe all the different clanfa techniques and divide them in differ­ent classes. We found that also two other big tuff endemisms, the bomba americana and the kami­kaze tuff, can be categorized using the same classes. Our results indicate that all these different behavioral patterns of a male agonistic behavior are specializations used to attirar the attention of the local female fauna, and have a great weight on triestins’ sexual selection that do not depend only by the skizz produced.

Key words: schizz, bomba americana, taconeti, kamikaze, olimpiade dele clanfe


The clanfa is a very fora coi copi tuff style that is well spread in the provinc of Triest. Recent studies have demonstrated that this triestin endemism evolved only in this small region of the world because of the population attitude to produce the greatest schizz, a male agonistic behavior very important for sexual selection (Manna, 2009a). However, in the same study Manna found evidences of another important endemism that seems to have the same function: the bomba americana. Our important scope is to find if there are other tuff endemisms and to capir how and why they evolved.

Material and methods

To better describe the tuffs we utilized the first person scoionament sampling method described by Manna (2009b), staying nascosts in the little rats balnear stabiliment and watching mulones tuffing.

To capir why different endemisms evolved with a similar function, we also observed mulettes re­action to different tuffs. In this study we focused our attention on the reactions of mulettes of top CTF factor rank, because no semo miga mone (Burlasconi, 2008).


We found a lot of endemisms that were not yet studied. First of all, there is a third important tuff style with the same function of clanfa and bomba americana: the kamikaze tuff, also known as testabalon. Second of all, we found that all these three tuffs have a lot of variation in style, that we will categorize in divers classes. The classes division is the same for all the tuff types. The entrada in the water characterizes the tuff typology (clanfa, bomba americana or kamikaze), while the preparation of the tuff determines the class. Each class can be furtherly divided into subclasses (casin, dei).

Obviously, each class and subclass has a differ­ent grad of difficulty that has been riassumed in a coefficient from 1 to 2.4 (Vascotto, 2009). The coefficient of the class scoreosgraphic has not been assegnated because this class is too various for a unique value.


Tuff type clanfa

The clanfa is characterized by the fact that a moment before the contact with the sea, you have to close yourself with the shape of horse’s zoccolo (the clanfa) and then, just after you are inside the water, you have to reopen yourself to produce a pression wave and to not go down like a pampel against the bottom. (Manna, 2009a).

Tuff type bomba americana

The bomba americana is a variation of the nor­mal bomba and is performed jumping in the wa­ter with one leg tegnud near the body with your hands and with the other leg slongated to the water (Chichibio, 1349). Entering in the water, you have to arcuate back your schien to dirig your schizz. Nobody knows why this bomb is called americana. The best hypothesis is that the term americana is used as a sinonimous of “great skagazz”, derived by the local proverb “no ve chiedo gnanche scusa se ve cago sula blusa ma in america se usa” (Laidos, 1988).

Tuff type kamikaze (or testabalon)

The kamikaze is performed by restrinzing your­self in the form of a balon and entering in the water with your head (fig. kami). Inside the wa­ter, you have to make a capariol. If you hear a great s’ciok, you have schizzated (Pecile, 2008). Or, te se ga fato mal sazio.


Fig. kami. Tuff type kamikaze performed at the 1ST Clanfa Olympiade. (Photo -ritagliated- of Marco Del Castello).


Class clasica (coefficient 1)

The class clasica is characterized by the absence of fronzoli in the performation of the tuff.

Class agitada (coefficient 1.2)

The class agitada is characterized by the pres­ence of a minimum of scassament, just to far a little skagazz before entering in the water.

Subclass caminada

The subclass caminada is characterized by a fint caminad in the air, like Wile E. Coyote when Road Runner (quel mona de Beep Beep dei) riva cazarghela.

Subclass taconeti

The subclass taconeti is characterized by a sifonella movement of the culattes in the air (Pecile, 2007). Parental advisory: explicit sexual meaning.

Subclass sculetto

The subclass sculetto is characterized by a Elvis the Pelvis in Memphis movement of the culattes in the air.

Class girada (coefficient 1.4)

The class girada is performed by giring yourself during the fly and arriving in the water capo­voltizated.

Class 360 (coefficient 1.6)

The class 360 preveds a single avvidament of your body in the air. Great risk of schenades.

Class 720 (coefficient 2.2)

Evolution of the class 360, it preveds two av­vidaments of your body in the air. Very high probability of sazie schenades.

Class mortal (coefficient 1.8)

The class mortal is characterized by a single salt mortal performed before entering in the water. It is divided in two subclasses:

Subclass mortal per avanti

This tuff is performed fazend a mortal salt per avanti in the air.

Subclass mortal de iodri

This tuff is performed fazend a mortal salt per indrio (Dialetich, 1987) in the air.

Class dopiomortal (coefficient 2.0)

Evolution of the class mortal, it preveds obvi­ously a double salt mortal in the air. Very longhi and very high risk of sazie schenade or musade.

Subclass dopiomortal per avanti

This tuff is performed fazend a double mortal salt per avanti in the air.

Subclass dopiomortal de iodri

This tuff is performed fazend a double mortal salt per indrio in the air.

Class scoreosgraphic (coefficient not asigned)

The class scoreosgraphic is the favorite of many mulones, because you can give free-style sfog­hous to all your malad fantasy. It preveds great freedom of doing whatever you want before en­tering in the water, but you have to be very clear and descriptive in what you are going to per­form.

Subclass biancabalena

The subclass biancabalena is characterized by the exposition of your white culattes calanding your braghettes in the air. If you are a nudist, this subclass is called rossabale­na or nerabalena.

Nerabalena is for some researchers a uncer­tain subclass, as some are convincted that it is a sinonim of Loffabalena, Scoresabalena, Putregnabalena or Petobalena, characterized by special sounds and odor effects during the flight (Scoverciai, 2006).

Subclass superman

The subclass superman is performed by in­dossing a sugaman like Nembo Kid and jumping in the water paying attention that the sugaman svolazz in a very cool manner (Fig. nembo). It is better if the sugaman is not yours.


Fig. nembo. Mulo performing a Clanfa subclass superman at the 1ST Clanfa Olympiade. (Photo -ritagliated- of Roby Blasina. Www.bybla.com).

Subclass mortaio

The subclass mortaio is a very complex tuff and a very great sense of timing is requested to perform it. When you jump, you have to tirar a ball -the most famous is the mythicous Supertele (Landers, 1984)- fazend in mod that the ball will be hit by your great schizz very close to the water. In this way the ball will be launched by your schizz very very far. This is a tuff so powerful that it is also a weapon used by the triestin clanfadores ar­mada to destroy the furlans’ tractores in the famous game FRiKo! (Manna, 2009c).

Class UFO (coefficient 2.4)

The class UFO contains all the tuffs that have not already been categorized in the other classes. Every day mulones invent new strange tuffs, so everyday there are a lot of UFO that will be soon assigned to one of the previous classes.


In his previous study Manna (2009a) said that the social rank of the triestin al bagn is given by the height of the schizzs, by the area covered by the schizzs and by the mulettes washed by the schizzs. Mettend assiem all our results, we are convinced that this view is too semplicistic, too sempia and too cista. There are a lot of vari­ations in the tuff styles before entering in the water and consequently before producing the schizz. The only explanation to this fact is that the social rank is not only given by the schizz produced, but also by what is performed before, that we will call preliminary. Mulettes of high CTF factor seems to be very attracted by mu­lones very able with preliminary. As the quantity of schizz produced with a tuff can not increase unlimitedly and tend to reach a plateau for all mulones, they prefer to specialize and invent new fantasious preliminary, and this explains the great variety of tuff classes and subclasses evolved in triestin society.

The sexual implication of the preliminary is par­ticularly evident in the taconeti and sculetto sub­classes.

Maybe there are some categories performed by mulones that we have not described, but this is a little problem caused by the fact that sometimes we were distracted by local high CTF factor and spritzetts (Patoco, 1982).

About the females’ reaction to clanfing, other re­searchers reported that aged babbions deeply hate clanfadores and keep saying all the time “andè a remengo vostro che iero del paruchier stamatina” (Donnaflor, personal communication).


The city of Triest is full of tuff endemisms that evolved as perfectionations and specializations of a male agonistic behavior, the clanfa. The social rank of the triestin mulones is given both by the quantity of skizz produced and by the preliminary exhibition that preceed the entrance in the water.

Further studies are absolutely needed to analyze the vocalizations emitted during the tuffs, be­cause we suppose that also the vocal repertoire of the mulones is very important in the perform­ance of the tuffs.


Thanks to Erika Ronchin for her important activity of bozz scoregiator.

We ringraziem all mulones that in the year have invented new types and classes of Clanfa and other tuffs.

We also ringraziem all fioi, pice, muleti, mulete, muli, mule, muloni, babe, vece bobe and vece marantighe that enjoy the Clanfa Olympiade and that will help to make it a great moment of the triestin culture.


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Future project

Our researchers need your help for an important study on the georeferentiation and socialreferen­tiation of the Clanfa endemism.

Please write to our Scientific Department (mononbehavior@yahoo.it) and give us these informations:

  1. Your age and sex.

  2. Your rion of appartenenz.

  3. The place where you go to the bagn (little rat number x, bivio, filtri, ecc.).

  4. Which tuff type and class do you usually perform.

  5. To which type of triestin human category you appartien (mulon, nagana, boba, bobana, legera, tara, gencon, buloto, marzo, sbregà, carigà, bubez, pikerin, pampel, lole, piosem, vanzador, moco­loso, CTF type pataton,…)

Per restare aggiornati sui progetti “Monon Behavior” iscrivetevi alla mailing list! 🙂

Iscrivite ala monadesletter del Monon Behavior!

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    eco, un filmon. cerchemo finanziamenti!!!

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