28 Novembre 2018

Guida al nosepol triestino

el sunto Martedì 4 dicembre, alle 18.30 al MushrooM Bar in via San Maurizio 4/b, la presentazione di "The origin of Nosepolis", ultimo libro di Diego Manna.

Primo estratto dal libro “The origin of Nosepolis, ovvero il nuovo capitolo della saga Monon Behavior, ecco la lista dei Nosepol triestini.
Nell’articolo completo lo studio sulle origini del nosepol.
The origin of Nosepolis, di Diego Manna, è già presente in libreria al prezzo di 10 euro ppure online a questo link. La presentazione ufficiale si terrà martedì 4 dicembre alle 18.30 al MushrooM Bar in via San Maurizio 4/b.

This is the softest form of nosepolism. Volentieri is an educated nosepol, a nosepol missiated with scontrosa grazia.

Another soft nosepol. Educatament it gives you a geographic alternative.

Similar to laprovinfriul, but in this case the alternative is stagional. However, probably also in the other stagions it will not be stagion. And also there are no more the half stagions, so it’s very longhi.

Kind nosepol mixed with modern solution.

Again a soft nosepol, with a pratic alternative.

Soft and positive nosepol that stabiliss that the richiest in effect could be useful. But however nosepol.

Sort of friendly premonition, to make you sparagnar fadiga. Because the nosepol is in agguate, and if you begin to zercar, it will reach you and you will butar your time. Take a spritz instead.

Similar to gnancazercar, but without the friendly advice. Key yourself, ciavite, insoma.

Even worst than noesisti. What you need exists, but it is a thing totally inutil that nobody use or ga pel cool. So: nosepol and you are mona.

Classic and most diffused negation of possibilities. It doesn’t need a reason. Remengo Obama’s “Yes we can”, the answer is nosepol!

Nosepol clearly motivated with scarse fiduce on your abilities. Obviously it’s not important if in reality you are the best in the world in doing that thing, because there is always at least a 0,001% of possibilities that you will fail. So, pitosto che failar mal, meo no far.

Nostalgic nosepol. In a sibylline way it attest that now se podessi, but it’s better not poder because sestavameocosestavapezo.

Again a nostalgic nosepol, but without the sibylline riferiment. In this case it is clear that nosepol, in the past, now and forever, otherwise qualchidun gavessi za fato.

More powerful than nosegamaifato because basated on an active bad experience. It introduce the next and most powerful nosepol with this logical deduction:
Once se fazeva → No andava → Now no i fa più → NOGASCOPO

The supreme one, it ridiculize the nosepol. Infact, it is based on the idea that it is not important if se pol or nosepol, because even if se podessi, nogascopo.

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