15 Maggio 2009

Il Parlamento Europeo? «E’ un club di dibattiti di terza scelta…»

Riportiamo un intervento su Vest.si dell’economista Rado Pezdir a proposito delle prossime elezioni europee, intervento che viene ripreso e marcato come denso di superficialità dal blogger Pengovsky:

Since this country is facing the latest instalment of a joke called European elections, it is only fitting to take a look at a political process which makes little sense. First, we must ask ourselves, what did Slovenian MEPs of the first term do for us? Rather than of course running up high costs – covered by the taxpayers – incurred by some twat who was explaining to his equally useless eurobuddies about Slovene potica and the suffering of Slovene mothers. Second. What are we to think about an institution as silly as the European Parliament? It has none of the functions a parliament traditionally has. It is hosting a third-rate debate club, which is deliberating questions as important as the primary source of a Basque bat. And third: Why must we vote for these local clowns? Isn’t this a European election? Why can’t we vote for a German party if we feel that it would better represent our interests? Again, we are limited to the trivial choice of Pahor/Janša-type, albeit with a European flavour. It would be best if Slovenia gave up this expensive an useless circus and lets Brussels know that until European Parliament becomes a proper parliament, Slovenia will not take part in this Eurosong contest.

Qua c’è la risposta di Pengovsky, punto per punto.

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  1. miha ha detto:

    mah, gia’ rispondere a uno come Pezdir punto per punto, vuol dire non aver capito lo scopo che il personaggio si prefigge.Poi, passi per Pezdir e Damijan, che sono un conto, ma a Mrkai? e’ difficile che qualcuno gli arrivi alle ginocchia…non l’ho mai visto in difficolta’ in un dibattito.

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